Ecobubs affiliate programs for brick and mortar stores, internet stores and bloggers.
Join Ecobubs' green movement and put some green into your wallet! Being an Ecobubs affiliate shows that you care about the environment. It is absolutely free and simple to join.

Our affiliate programs allow you to generate income easily. We have the tools you need to be successful. You will receive your own unique URL and banner link which will automatically track all sales you generate.

Brick and Mortar Stores: We will provide you with a sample wool-pocket diaper to display in your store. When a customer is interested, simply log-on to our website through your designated URL and place the order, right from your store. Your commission is processed and the order gets shipped from us, directly to your customer. It's a win win situation. You are able to offer a premium eco-friendly product without making a financial commitment and without tying up floor space.

Internet Stores and Bloggers: Display a banner ad and unique URL, (assigned just to you,) on your site. Collect a commission from anyone that visits our store from your special link and purchases within 30 days.  Easy money! 

We offer a 5% commission on all sales before tax and shipping.
Either party is free to terminate our partnership at any time.
Any balance due will be paid out at that time.

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