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                                   Washing and Maintaining your Ecobubs Diapers

*Wash on a hot GENTLE cycle.  Low Spin.  Liquid Detergent is best.

*Pre-Wash and dry your inserts 1 or 2 x before initial use.  Pre-wash your Ecobubs pocket 1x separately before 1st use.  (Additional inserts and/or boosters may be needed for nighttime.) 

When you take the diaper off your baby, dispose of any solids down the toilet and rinse with a
*Diaper Shower and *Cloth Diaper Butler if necessary.   Remove the absorbent insert from the diaper pocket and place both diaper and insert parts into a diaper pail with a *Reusable Bucket/Pail liner.   Your diapers do not need to be soaked in water or chemicals.

When ready to wash add
liquid detergent, or powder that dissolves instantly,  and put on a  hot gentle cycle, not above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.   You may want to do a cold pre-rinse or a cold post-rinse.

We recommend washing your wool blend pocket outers separately to your inserts and other nappies as they are a wool blend fabric and washing with the above may attract lint and cause pilling (fluff balls) on your diaper outers.

Dry the diapers straight away, by hanging on the washing line,
*Hang Drying Rack or tumble drying low.  Please note:  Diapers will wear quicker if constantly tumble dried.  Avoid washing your Ecobubs with material that contains exposed velcro.

Do NOT use the following on Ecobubs products
- bleach, fabric softener, zinc oxide cream, or dry cleaning chemicals. Over time, your diapers can get a build-up of washing powder and/or diaper creams in the fleece (Use *Liners or cloth friendly diaper cream.) This can cause leakage if not rectified as the build-up makes the fleece less absorbent and urine will come out the sides of the diaper. 

*If you suspect your diapers do have a build-up, soak in a bucket of water with half a cup of baking soda for 2-3 hours. Then scrub each diaper's fleece with a brush (a nail or dish brush works well) with a little bit of dishwashing liquid. This will break up any washing powder or diaper creams that have lodged into the stay-dry fleece. Then wash diapers as normal.  *(We sell a fabulous cloth-friendly diaper cream called Bum Bum Balm.  It will not build up on your cloth diaper fleece and can be used without liners.)

* Sold in our on-line store under diapering accessories.


Hang dry your Ecobubs pockets

Use liquid laundry detergent or powder that dissolves immediately like Charlie's.

Choose a gentle cycle and make sure there is ample water in your wash.  (Important for HE Machines.)  

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